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DOJ- Where Are You?

DOJ- Where Are You?

            Robert A. Levine

Anyone who thought that Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice would see that justice was served in terms of the various criminal activities by Donald Trump and his cohort have been severely disappointed. While the DOJ has gone after those who were active in the January 6 insurrection, this was like going after low-hanging fruit, while taking no action against the leadership. It is now sixteen months since the insurrection and sixteen months since the end of the Trump cabal that ruled America. Though a prodigious amount of evidence of wrongdoing and criminal activity seems to be available, Donald Trump and his enablers are still free men with no restrictions upon their activities.

What is holding Garland and the DOJ back from going after the men and women who tried to overturn American democracy and are still trying? Aside from the evidence that the January 6 Congressional committee has accumulated, there is public information and data of what Trump and associates were trying to do. As far as I know, planning a coup and insurrection in the United States is still considered illegal. So why doesn’t Garland get off his ass and go after some of these miscreants and put them behind bars. We have always heard that Garland was cautious, discreet and worked slowly, but this is ridiculous. Many of the people who were involved in Trump’s manipulations are politicians and will be running for office. Early indictments may halt their bids or make voters have second thoughts about them, another reason why quick action is important.

Separate from the actions of the DOJ, recently elected DA Bragg in Manhattan who replaced Cy Vance is another law enforcement official who has been loath to tackle Donald Trump. Two major prosecutors in Bragg’s office with years of experience resigned after Bragg decided not to pursue Trump on criminal charges which the prosecutors believed were warranted. The Trump Organization and the CFO Alan Wesselberg are both being indicted, but Trump is being left out of the equation even though he was head of the business. The process makes no sense and one wonders if Bragg is afraid to go after Trump and his buddies.

Thus at both the federal and local level, law enforcement organizations are not doing their jobs in charging and bring to trial Donald Trump  and the members of his criminal groups. The leaders of the coup and insurrection are being bypassed while the little fish are meeting justice. The Trump Organization is being challenged while Trump himself, the head of the organization is being ignored. Tax evasion by Trump and his organization appears clear cut with different valuations being given for his assets depending on the purposes- for taxes or for collateral for loans. Justice delayed is justice denied and it is certainly being delayed for Trump both federally and locally.

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