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cheap polo ralph lauren Then feel twos full stick at own back, this kind of method as a result that takes a shower is really comfortable, however being the method for taking a shower of slight imperfection if change into a leaf cloud Qian of the words Be getting more perfect, thought of she that to absolute"the human life weapon involved in murder"s go toward she's back on sticking, the jade is in the male's hearts all hot.

"Etc., again let them everywhere."Celebrating the ambition mountain should the wife is a , in fact, he heart bottom still have a words don't speak, he is old to feel where not in the right!

Is already that the one is in total disorder, originally stands erect in Gao Da Dun Shi's tower of historic relic city city center, have already become thousand Chuangs 100 bores now in the ground now

"Feed, cocoa, exactly and what is the row."Once the bell ring of sudden telephone ring, the jade dares at none of males temporarily indirect, would not° until seeing a call first to show to is Tang can son dare to also answer.

ralph lauren factory store Li Jun is alarmed a smile to have no again say what.Close behind Li Jun does the affair of shocked all people.Sees the feet of Li Jun Shuang are on the ground violent one Deng body form Gao Gao of start to jump, unexpectedly facing that the fire wave covering with faced up.The Li Jun action like this makes an one Hua however, the true spirit that see that ivory of Li Jun Shen is more and more heavy, it is nowise to reserve unexpectedly.Li Jun want with the whole body fix for hard anti- that covers with of fire wave?See the leaf here sing breeze not from of gush viewpoint like this.Unfortunately he isn't Li Jun, can't understand Li Jun's real viewpoint, either.

"BE, teacher!"Smell speech Hong the hero order and take out the jade card of a piece of ivory, luck works properly dint therein the infusion wants to say of words, then mouth in light"Duo" is 1, start to throw a jade card, immediately see a jade card for quickly fly a big palace, turn a moment to disappear at gloom of air.

Indeed as expected the jade hasn't completely settled down in the male's mind, received Tang Hu's telephone, the jade looking at number at the male, hesitate along while just connect, although say to all at last will be been knowing by everyone,truely will be known by the female kid's family, jade at the male is still a bit nervous.


adidas jeremy scott wings 2.0 "Fly one degree way friend, that evil palace palace lord is the mastermind of the territory of Peng Lai one general situation dint, why without any reason and without cause will give you the identity of an evil palace elder?Think necessarily and not only list only because for your fix for?"The great white crane true person puts a speech way in good time at this time and at the right moment gave that don't want that the Du that answering six is green to cross-examine flies a step and lets him smiles a simple explanation to have reason.

Chapter 6 returns country(is medium)

"Gu ……" needs Du to fly to wait a person from empty

"Decide our destinies, well big of tone!"The summer cloud Xi was also smiled by the male of Yin Zhi tone spirit, disdainfully Chou Yin Zhi the male is a , " thinks to your trick, the nothing but is to threaten us with the life.Try, I summer cloud Xi if call a , I ain't the daughter of summer house!"

www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html Practice moral teachings certainly also isn't all simpleton.The big summer clansmen like this has Shi to have no perhaps, if isn't that their oneself real strenght is strong wide of the mark, that is to still have the thing that being other can rely on!In this ruins, also only the the thousand meters high tower is the attractive, naturally, affirmation relied on by big summer clansmen is that thing!

From open hostilities till now, basically have no excessive long time, that time immemorial fight fortress basically have never expected F square's empty boat will thus and easily drive shot Kui, this surely has a gold small the reason of the gist for opening to wait a person to by surprise make use of the result of forbiding the machine, also still having big summer clansmen.Wait they to respond after coming over, those 12 empty boats have been vanish, don't reply existence any further.

The fourth bureau is again a Du to fly to win.Since released, the Du flew also lazy must hide.However, that white man was just heel 1 gave up, on the contrary was the guy of that hoot to have a three, flew to carry on the shoulder bottom with Du, finally lost 8,000,000.


jeremy scott bones " Jade!" Forget a to turn round, indeed as expected is jade, at the moment she the positive tears is whirling, rushed out the dust on the face a few way way.However the time that isn't happy reunion at the moment, forget will the jade pull a grass cluster to hide bottom, sink a voice to ask a way, "you how here?"

See this scene, not only the gold is small to open and distance snow, connect other of the black dress persons are also all dumbstruck, a long time could not say words.

The little monkey inception didn't care, with connect to come over a way:"Do you pick up out in the crystal stone in that garbage?"However after he sees the crystal stone in the pure hand, cannot help but getting a shock, repeatedly rub an eye, think that oneself produced illusion.

t is what I wanted you to think,'he said.

jeremy scott wings shoes The Du of this place's flying the slightest doesn't know the other party commander officer for F square's slight, just lead a head, the hair fought big brigade vehemence,such as Hong ground, to rush out empty, directly offend to that empty warship that spreads densely at the empty outside.

There is no accident, the Du flies of the application soon be granted, formally set out on November 1.

Fly to in the island, the Du flies to just get from have no falsely of news to once everyone say and immediately deep-fried a pot, obviously their business in wanting suddenly up the battlefield, there are some outlaws in the heart of.


jeremy scott adidas wings Jade at male natural understand Tang Hu say so of meaning, he although saying so, but doing not represent him will sit on the sideline disregard, end affirmation will stand at oneself here.

Many year agos there is an old friend making a phone call and smile to say:"The other people future wife, embrace on the he or she's leg, it is one greatly quick matter to is really a life."

"Is really an old fox, some loophole doesn't pass as well!"The conjunction inquiry that flies to the Du combines an all quick color on Chen Shi Bin's face, just in mind dark sigh a , immediately and again make a noise an explanation way, " for ex- problem of the Du way friend, because involve my territory of Peng Lai of hidden, only way friend's promising to join me then an evil palace can tell.However the empress is a problem,the old man can say, I the evil palace has a devolution come down of a strategies, can remit the dint of gathering seven diverted period monks, promote to the attack sent out to match a body to expect Class, completely can offend to break that hole mansion outside of forbid to make!"

"Like, you return to tidy up for a while, etc. will go to a southern Inn and seek us!"See the green language of wave fill, the Du flies to suddenly and lightly put a speech way at this time, then turns round to move forward toward the direction of Inn to leave.

jeremy scott adidas shop Rained one day rain-storm for one night, the morning is still paring off cool breeze.The blind man takes big sunglasses, stand on the car to stop to depend to order, the Duo cringes Suo ground to shrink shoulder.Take a Dou son wrapped with the plastics cloth in his hand, put newspaper in Dou son.An other parts of country person walks to him to nearby ask at this time:"Eldest brother, goes to people's square how walk?"The blind man wanted to think, by hand 1:"Re walks toward north

Feel the blood servant under the body have already departed from this life, in that person's eyes flash across one silk is delighted, however immediately become anxious again, summon up the energy of end to vomit two words:"Is quick ……escape!"

"This?"Listen to open to fill boon so on saying, the Bo also immediately also responded to come over.He is a bit indecisive, only because for self-discipline the strong idea read dint and just got the position of captain.In fact the hardhead big-heartedly opens to fill boon, is the main heart bone of this troops!


ralph lauren coupons "Uncle good, aunt good ……what this small Qian say is all true ……this is concrete to say now it's not good, so wear, I another day in person go to medium sea to you two old explanation ……you trusted, small Qian at I this don't suffer some injustice at all ……what, you two old come over, this, this you can be a little bit a little bit late, these several days I and small Qian they are all very busy, may be on business a , you finally next month again come over, like this a little bit very some.Like, good, I absolutely don't fool you, the whole wait you to come over to say again, we how can have no your approval to personally do this kind of to come to a decision.That good, your good evening."The jade all felt oneself's whole body cold sweat in the air condition building at the male, this be really call an incitement.

See this result, the Du flew and then started to go home.From just of the war situation saw, the Vatican has already completed a medicine to inject and attackstones a dark parliament on one's own initiative now, while the dark parliament obviously also works well preparation and successfully holds up the first-time raid of the Vatican.

"?"Finished China Luo to suspiciously see a jealous burning, ask a way:"You are that three ranks Be evil to bite, general of with the rank practice moral teachings basically is not likely to be your opponent.Is that woman how old?Is the super superior of four ranks?"

"Step, step ……" Du flies the existence that didn't cover up him and walks all the way to intentionally step a step voice, the attraction has those in the attention of super ability the member of team of assiduous self-discipline now.

ralph lauren outlet online Then the door be opened, world some hastily come in, a while before arriving at office desk, jade at male the in the mind be also frightenned a to greatly jump, if world directly arrives at him flank, immediately can see jade at male underneath of the door didn't close, big eagle just at outside enjoy cool air not to say, a top is still a dripping wet of, the one more sees Lin Mu Xue's headgear not and wholely squat down here, that still uses to say is took place what affair.


The gold is small to open to ambiguously smell a foul smell flavor, he doubts whether himself/herself met a few wild beasts.Want is also, oneself gets into of the cave is impossibly born and arrive be like drive what living creature the excavation come out similar.Particularly here still environment bad mainland, if have what strength strong wild beast's existing is not impossible either.


wholesale nba jerseys "The area is outside sky of evil, what things?"Hear the word spoken of in the fat boy, the Du flew to immediately guess with him just in the bar of that kind of feel relevant, hurriedly the openings asks a way.

"What?Does the gene medicine still separate the positive article and the time article?"Hear a ship more lord in the house speak of this, the small male respects a farmland finally shocked.Concerning black dragon will high manufacturing leave gene medicine of affair, Du's flying don't tell to the small male respect farmland, so he is to really don't know.

"?"The words sound had no falsely just fall, underground of public discussed to open in succession.While cleaning up silt yesterday, they had already experienced this mainland the living creature originally grew badly, now a listen to be going to the secluded place build up contacting encampment, the nature in heart doesn't wish.

"Ha ha, beat beat, discover after waiting to fire away affair not to, that already late!"Feel Mo Chou Gu's direction spreads the working properly of distance dint motion, in the mouth muttering a , the Du flies to shake head to sway brain ground to walk ascend avenue.

wholesale nba jerseys After 20 days, the left Feng flies quiet room of the empress hall of the hole mansion of true person of one degree inside, the Du flies slowly Zheng

Distance snow pours is have no Wei fingerling that sort is warm and affectionate, however at see the look in the eyes that the gold is small to open in also many a concern.2 people vision unintentionally to at together, on the face all is a red, the favour is partial to head to open.The gold in nowadays is small to open is no longer the little fatty in that day, but the shape Jian body figure with large and well-balanced muscle, distance snow after seeing him, in the heart not from must upsurge one silk different feeling.

After an hour, item elder sister's both the younger brotherses of Chen Mei Chen row a ship to return to the creek in the village, then Chen Xiang dashed away to return to shout Mom and Dad all the way, while Chen Mei then stays to on a ship looking at Du to fly.


en who stumble their way into this holiest of callings.

, Engage in small talk, have been already said to smile, the happiness goes to a pole. we are discussing, ignore before doing not have a class each time what can always find out a topic.the life seeing a senior high school for a year will end right away, the little money's school of science, it is how to don't give up in my heart!What to rejoice is that we all reported school of arts, misery of was his study result to order into an experiment class so much, but I am just common class of. O.K., the classroom almost is getting of, still can often see his, the in the mind still has a silk consolation.

"Trust, small open an elder brother, you always before looking forward so attend to behind of, careful four years inside can not make to work properly solid!"

"My sky ……" gold is small to open a gape, absolutely hard believe."So big thing, actually is how to float in the sky?"

The part that throw the matter of vexed heart, the Du flies the business that starts remembering a past:In Europe, go again European before, in the aerospace base, at school, in the orphanage ……the Du fly press time of negative preface to return to recall, the at heart is one Zhan, suddenly thought of a matter.

The gold is small to open to sigh a , he knows the leeway that basically didn't compromise on this problem, and oneself after all is one member that is mankind, have sympathy to the big summer clansmen is can, however the sympathy overflows to go."Is that afterwards?" facebook.com


The empty boats in the sky don't live a ground of blast-off a way bulky light beam, like numerous light pikes with dazzling, fierce put into among that towering white city, the explosion voice lingers in the ears, the light of fire mixs crushed stones, from the white city inner part constantly and outwardly jet but.

"There are some relations in the Peng way friend that the I believes in with feeling, this hotel is exactly feeling religion's industry in the customs field."See wood beard the son admit mistake, the Du flies and then slowed downs tone, however the condition still keeps keeping the ground of Leng Leng to put forward, " hereafter evil palace pupil, don't must cause trouble in this hotel and each branch, you follow me today of matter now Jie lead!"

Although the Ru is in the dreamland, be waked up with a start by the Pi thunder, quickly guard against!

"Do not , not will don't go tomorrow, your seeing this is what."The jade below takes out the tablet that he or she hides into from the pillow at the male.

.Have already deviated the place that we at the beginning come in here, probably be apart from very near, probably very far ……even perhaps have we already arrived at another a piece of mainland of super historic relic space."The gold color card pulled doesn't matter ground to tremble to tremble wing, anyway as long as is in the normal space the nothing important fear so much.

But already too late.

"The Big Dipper of evil palace brightens very much indeed as expected extraordinary, match seven honor and duties absolute being to expect the dint of monk and then can tee off equal to match one shot that the body expects monk, see to have an opportunity to also want to make this strategies to come to hand to study some kind of!"Being in mind to whisper is a burst of, person of hush turn round three other elder ways of dynasties, " since evil palace has already opened a new road to open the second floor here knot boundary for us, that we see everywhere first, not hasty meet with them."

See the Du fly to speak to give up, the Hong elder generation goes to to his hurl and appreciates of quick glance, three other dollar baby middle monk to his impression also big is good, in succession pass past good intentions of look in the eyes.

The boon space listens to almost faint, call way:"Buy 1?!Is your aring that a turnip cabbage?Be like I open of that kind of is cheapest, also want several thousand crystal currencies a , a little bit a little bit deluxe of will be around ten thousand, more deluxe ten several ten thousand, several 100,000 all having of the crystal currencieses, you ……"the boon space originally meant to say "did you have so much money", however immediately realized to talk like this is really ill-mannered, have to keeping on swallowing this sentence of pain.

"Leave!"See wave green and resumed spirit, the Du flew to immediately change to return to previous shape again and continue a speech not hair ground fore the noodles leads the way, make one green to want to appreciate that the words immediately choke at throat in.

When the second dint sees the eight diagrams that are become by the war knife cloth not from of wrinkled up eyebrows, he towards nearby of Li Tai say:"Prince's his highness, this eight diagrams actually have what mysterious?"His Hun at this time however forgot him just still to the somebody else with angry look mutually to, it is thus clear that being what importance in his heart of eight diagrams.Face asking of second benefit words Li Tai Wei is tiny a say with smile:"Sun Mou's commander-in-chief the is set out by the war knife of Be just a simple appearance.Truely of eight diagrams aren't these 6,000 war knives can set out but of, truely of eight diagrams calculate top medium the soldier totally has nine appearances, win the soldier constitute to°from 16 smalls and is divided into to living, harm, rest, Du, view, dead, surprised, open eight, surroundings of eight respectively is that the sky reply and ground to carry and breeze Yang and cloud hang a , Long Fei Zhen and tiger wing the and bird soar and snake Pan, these eight bigs are each is again six smalls constitute, nine bigs' adding is totally 64 smalls.Among them, the world winds and clouds is four positive, Long Hu Niao's snake is strange 4.There are also 24 cloths at the rear moreover, think mobile of use.As for strategies concretely perhaps whole mysterious fairy Be martial to also know for only one commander-in-chief just now."


"When driving the car to the big bridge of Huang Pu Jiang was last, the criminal police member of team who drive saw the front have a large trucks to seem break down, then declined a car soon down to say to Han Qiu Ya, see whether need to turn around to change road.

The surprise that didn't realize car old man, the Du flies to continue to say:"However the younger generation isn't the groups that visit a very western mainland very much, the variation person's attack is very sharp, so younger generation this goes to an eastern mainland, preparing to leave Huang Ji Xing by transmission."

Puzzles in the police-woman of in the look in the eyes, the Du flew to seek napkin piece and wiped off the fingerprint of box and filled a box once in the elder brother Kai's hand, then squatted down in the police-woman in front:"Originally you are a police!"

After getting hold of crystal card start transfering, turn an eye that blank of card inside appeared several 1,000,000 crystal currencies.

See this backstage, mankind's one party is absolutely a bit hard to believe!The strength of this purple golden light dragon unexpectedly compares

See have no falsely the voice color accompany fierce shape, the impatient squad grows a bit puzzling in the heart, however don't falsely have elder generation and the superior's dual identity, after being condemned, he can shake head to mean to don't have objection, then silently send back a troops behind.

"There is senior at, our believing in a door will definitely again grow!"Hear the tone that Ma Jun goes some Xiao Suos, Lin Jun of the one side enjoys to hurriedly advise a Wei way, immediately make Ma Jun go once the spirit flap, a little bit wearing a smile nod a way, " is quite good, pour for the teacher is some Be getting more negative, have you the senior at, our believing in affirmation will again grow!"

Suddenly that only pillar violently the tremor get up, imitate a Buddha is in the light pillar of another a carried to come in contact with what have the thing of more huge strength, the violent vibration even spread the foot of those big summer clansmens, the blue star sky mainland had a foothold by them also the tiny earthquake move.

"Like, don't wear a woebegone expression, I hereafter can't hard labor you are too exorbitant!"Hope the little fatty of one face sad look, the Du flies once the Hey Hey smile, then let out to gobble up of Yan, starts to be bright to start to burn frost to work properly Ding, although he has already recovered the machine that frost works properly Ding to work properly fat boy,still have to work properly to print absolute being to know to print to record in the Ding in frost, very convenient later operation.

"I see."Allowed Ting to once connect calico sack, put in a side to check to look.

"Fall through a sign line?"The gold is small to open some amaze."Is not that a living creature?How can is a sign line?"


"Boon?"Just jade bottle income concealed bead space in, the Du flew heart in suddenly on moving, because his absolute being knew the soil wall of responding a ground of cave part inside and had a living creature be wearing a line!

Take out a jade bottle, the Du flies to carefully draw up to work properly dint, will gather a piece of small waterhole-like in shape ten thousand years the clock milk slowly lift, income jade bottle in, a short moment time, don't know just come together for several ten thousand yearses of waterhole-like in shape ten thousand years clock milk, 1 drop not remain ground be flown by the Du to accept to walk.

"The wood is some to live as recluse before have been already said, hereafter no longer mix the matter of fixing the true boundary, the invitation of miss forgives a wood some can not promise, please back!"

The living creature leaping from the sea is extremely terrible, madness of open 2 people to carry on an attack to the small gold, seem the site that they infringed upon these living creatures.

For this circumstance, Han Qiu Ya can order the policemen to more notice and keep to contact unimpeded, if where have an accident, get news very most and quickly, organize police force to rush through to pass by.

The ice eye hurtles evil in the door:"You come in."

Chapter 10 disorder escapes(up)

Finished doing these, the Du flew to let out a green dollar sword, at the time halting of quick facing Wu Meng's monk ground rushes through.Wu Meng of that halts a ground inside at the time, although the real strenght is very strong,the Du flies to always feel to will go wrong and has some to can not let go in the heart.

See Du's flying have never obstructed him to call relief troops, after letting go of interphone, Gao Jing Bo's hideous smile write fly a way to the Du:"The business that dares to take care of my Gao Da Dun Shao, I see how you die!"

"The person who owns strength increases, the society will also become more unsteady?"Distance snow also understood the meaning of butchering the big dragon.

The jade started comfortable great itinerary a while again this time, but didn't keep on very for a long time at the male, jade at male embrace Lin Mu Xue to arrive at a sofa top.


"The Du flies!"At this time six green at the right moment lead feeling to believe in lord Peng of cloud just from empress the hall came out and saw the Du fly and great white crane the true person is close together but sit, the atmosphere of 2 people's is a bit delicate, not and from heart a burst of apprehensive not certain, hurriedly openings call a way.

Follow the vision of attendant, forget and also discover that the words that he just said seem leg-pull, nothing important credibility, have to bright clearly that CNY 100 that folds red Tong Tong in the Dou.

This descends a leaf cloud Qian hasty, but Tang can the son in the mind have a little again uncomfortable, although this is the way that she wants out by herself, jade at male so direct of agree that he or she went out,meant that oneself's attraction to him has already started descending, be really be like the old words say of so can not get of is the best of, however this time Tang can the son say this words nature to renege.

The in a flash of time passed by for two days.The hatch has been tightly locking and smuggle to finish eating body up take of food, hungry in succession must shiver, but have no a person to presume to knock at door to beg humbly food, because had an individual to do so lately, however he didn't get food and on the contrary ate gun son, he the gamey smell of run off blood still was once in a very long while doing not spread in cabin room, tried to ask who dare try it by body again?

Wear, with his ear dint, to just the Du in building fly and Lin Wan Er's dialogue listen to clearly and see the Du flying out and then smiling to make fun a way now.

"Fly one degree elder brother should still have a piece of elder jade card!"See the Du fly noodles now difficult color, the Zhu Hua Dao person smiled to say with smile, " elder jade card was similar to the function of identity card, flew one degree elder brother to want ~only to order the contribution in the identity card to input elder jade a card to go!"

This egg-like in shape monster is exactly that the gold is small and opens and waits person to discover of that flies boat!

The encampment surroundings is a thick bush, inside not live the weird voice of spreading various each kind ring, also have let people's afraid of wild beast rant, often there is still the ray of light of dark yellowish green color and dark red jumping up to twinkle, those are all various ray of light of that eyes of different monster send forth.

Mother Pie Pie younger sister at the side of body, gently say:"Slightly wait for several minutes, take to ascend her."

Stop a car at narrow but again acquaint with of yard in, the Du flies to smile to face ascend with come over of aunt Xu.

Section 402


See the Du fly to swallow a Dan medicine, the huge toad on the sky also responded to come over at this time, the Nu called an empress big mouth a , a have a long tongue stretch out from the mouth, toward hiding at underground of the Du fly malicious take out.


The speech that suddenly hears the Du flying thus and Don't mention it, that old man suddenly stopped a mouth and immediately calmed down the air in the room Be suddenly dignified to get up.

"Since is accident, that explains to let me listen to."

Walk to doorway guard in the military airport, must lead Long Zu's hello before probably being that guard, after waiting Du to fly to express an identity, pointed a direction for him, said that the pilot has already on a plane waited him, it makes him go at once by himself.

However the second people think, the mankind and of big summer clan impossibly and peaceably get along.The big summer clansmen concealed oneself for few ten thousand yearses, after they re- return to life, while still taking to fight in those early years that to the old grudge that the mankind remembered with gratitude to the end of the life, how the possibility and mankind peaceably got along.Even if they can't destroy completely mankind completely, also affirmation will re- place mankind at their governances under.

Is two true spirit just on getting in touch with, the Hui far then great feeling is far from good, the other party of true spirit such as extensive such as the sea generally didn't exhaust

"This way friend, just you let the Pei that the I exchanges baby Dan, the I has been already changed to come, this under can trade!"See obstinate old man and temple pack woman to refuse to budge, the Du flies and then walks to come forward to take out a jade bottle to say.

'A marsh makes strange noises sometimes.It is the water and the wet ground moving.'

And this kind of abandons body and to exist alone by soul body

See the Du fly and discover it, difference monster lightly Song Song nose wing, good smell what interested in thing general, slowly flew to walk to come over to the Du.


With start to take envelope to fill into Dou, six green have never obstructed Du to fly, just tightly grasp own packet, imitated a Buddha to hold tight lifesaving rice straw ……


"This space, " Hui far points at top of head to say:"Originally was the exchanges place that robbed a knife self-discipline for war, I also behind just knew.I arrive at here, certainly is come to communicate to fight to rob knife with you of."

Ability according to your parents' will lead lifetime of, your happiness doesn't represent is the day that your parents once hoped, yourself as long as feeling oneself is happy, so still have what Be getting better than this, after all the parents can not replace we finish walking whole life, so holding firmly to belong to own happiness is the most important of, we not for the sake of other people and live of, we live for wes of, oneself feels happy all right already, the delicacies from land and sea has of the person feel delicious, but the certain person feels simple fare is also eat well most in the world, as long as oneself understands his/her own this heart all right already."

"If nothing important matter, I am walking."Sealing the Ling would not like to say these again.

"Since sell to villa with 200% prices you, that furniture in the villa stayed to you!"Walk to the Du to fly before the body, the villa host at random say, " however those I use familiar thing and also have my to collect an article, my lawyer comes in the afternoon of time will conveniently make people take, see again!"After finishing saying, the villa host alarmedly left villa, seem this business have no quilt strong buy strong sell similar.

"Is alas!"Looking at Du to fly far go to of figure, England divided the cent president of association of meeting to sigh tone and then and urgently and in a hurry rushed through to return to office and hurriedly made collective report this matter to Xin Ji president of association.

Investigating a brigade number this time is only numerous, there are altogether more than 400 high levels practicing moral teachings take part in, thunder Die and thunder Mo 2 people privately company's feeling and hiding after measuring should can't meet in the middle of these people what danger, hence then played a trick-two names that practice moral teachings to make use of a thunder emperor that will originally want and take part in and investigate a brigade cheat and walk, while they then refitted to mix and come up.2 people have been all careful careful and hide in the end noodles in a low-key way, so until haven't been discovered flaw now.

"Small Qian, need not, our affairs always make the parents knowing of, can you conceal during a lifetime?Still make them come over and saided again, even if is get married we have to also have parents of be present wish, otherwise that returns be regarded as what wedding.Anyway you what don't also take care of, needs to definitely insist we of the viewpoint is all right, leave all to hand over to me, trusted, your husband what make uncertain."The jade knows this time of Qian of cloud of leaf at the male in the mind also affirmation resemble Huang very much, so comfort her way at once.

Is inflight in the endless star, lost time of accordinging to the thing, seemed to be also to become insignificant.

The little girl seems Leng for a while, the title every where sees, a long time just way:"See


"How do you do!"The girl who opens the door is flown by the Du of the smile make one Zhan in heart, tiny some be suffused with on the face red, the words originally needing to make fun also accepted to return to, after noding a response, then and directly took Du to fly fixed menu in restaurant coleseed 2 people to enter villa.

"Follow me!"Open widely Chuan to see the Du fly doesn't matter, take he sought to leave dance floor a little bit farer of seat, conveniently wanted a firm beer.

A foot appears ten several high rice huge black evil absolute being in mid air!

"Dong Dong!"The regrettable wave is green already lock dead in the door of the living quarters, although all of them is eight class or so system variation person, face strength inside the airship to be up to the laser beam of ten classes, have never etc. their violence to broken open the door of living quarters, already deeply next in the wearing of intensive laser beam, change into ash ash.

"However …… you don't know'origin mankind'and'variation mankind'of war for breaking out?You actually is when drive seal into a dollar dint hole hole in?"The gold is small to open to feel a bit curious.

"Sir, the front was an apron of airfield, the Class in bottom wasn't enough, could not got in touch with this etc. secret, so could send a Sir here!"Took Du to fly to walk one distance, waiting far and far could see after the apron of airfield, that airport superior turns round to fly to say to the Du.

The gold is small to open body to involuntarily shiver for a while, unwillingly say with smile:"Beauty …… indeed as expected many, really fantastic ……"

Over there huge wolf nearby, gold small development now a very small stone door, up engrave a few couldst words:"The pole jelly ice hides"!

This matter drive Tong after, immediately spread to pull virtuous news in"BE laid siege to" in the congress of thin Er of Mu Si on the medium.The parliamentarian blames for pulling surname"indifference" for"generation label affairs" in succession and say that he does like this is to the "the respect lacked at least" of the family who fall in action officers and men, say his"despise these letters too much, since the presidents can extrude time signs on these letters, defense secretary but' have no time' really don't in the past say", said "those fell in action soldier family are just hoped from offer condolences the young man that the letter can also draw out time to thought of dying up seeing defense secretary, which fear this concern just very shortly and in a short while, but he ignores this very small wishes", many councilmen return consequently sent out to invite the noise of shouting that this defense secretary come off stage.Hence, pull thin Er of Mu Si virtuous immediately announce a pronouncement:From now on, each the condolence letters that send out by the his hand will stay to have his personally a signature.

'Your excellent work has given us the answer to that ques tion,Watson When you told me that Mrs Lyons was getting a divorce,I realized that she hoped to marry Stapleton.He told her that he was unmarried,and that he wanted to make her his wife.When she learns the truth,she may decide to help us.We must go and see her tomorrow.'

"Say so, " hears finding out of Han Qiu Ya, six, "because the fairyland of Peng Lai in not that even in the near future, my having a period of time has never had connection an inside, concrete circumstance how, I ain't clear either."

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